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Short description

Join Energeenies on an adventure to paint the world green in Energeenies!


Long description

Energeenies takes our current and very real concerns about environmental issues and sets out to educate players about them through a fun and rewarding geolocation-type game. By consulting with experts in the field of renewable energy, the game takes good care to fictionally represent and gamify scientific data in a way that stays true to it, while wrapping it up in an easily accessible and highly entertaining game experience.

In Energeenies, you’re an Agent appointed to restore balance on earth following a huge influx of pure energy-based creatures from another dimension known as Energeenies. Upon arriving on earth, Energeenies become part of the earth’s ecosystem by merging with any of eleven types of energy – including both renewable and non-renewable types. You’ll roam your surroundings, looking for Energeenies to collect and build your team. But this won’t come easy! Energeenies all have their own individual quirks and abilities. And being capricious and competitive, they are sure to give you a run for your energy!

The game goes far beyond simply collecting Energeenies and building your team. You’ll install devices and interact with others to harvest energy, help Energeenies evolve, take part in special events, and more! But whatever your actions are, no matter how seemingly small, they will leave an impact on your environment by way of fluctuating C02 levels. This, in turn, will come back to reward you or haunt you by having a bearing on your progress. On a more personal level, your actions will be gauged as “green and clean” or not – also affecting your progress and performance. Just like with Carbon Footprint, players will become aware of how their actions contribute towards this and tread accordingly.

Energeenies goes beyond a virtual edutainment experience confined to your gaming device. When we say that your actions matter to the environment, we mean it…also in real life! Players who earn certain achievements will have a direct impact on the environment in real life thanks to incentives such as trees being planted in their names and other sustainable activities. A large portion of the game’s revenue will go towards donations for tackling environmental issues. For every registered new user a tree will be planted and for every €4.99 spent, 2spm of rainforest will be protected.